A message sent out by the AWSC and Madison area snowmobile clubs concerning Blue Mounds State Park Master Plan: 


Fellow Snowmobilers:

If you recall, the Natural Resources Board unanimously approved the Blue Mounds State Park Master Plan Amendment that included the final compromise to re-open the snowmobile trail within the park at their January, 2016 meeting. Due to a legal discrepancy, the Natural Resources Board may be re-voting on that Master Plan Amendment at their January 25th, 2017 meeting.

The NR Board will be accepting comments on that re-vote until 11 AM on January 13th. Comments can be made to Laurie Ross’ address and email address listed below:


Laurie J. Ross, Board Liaison

Office of the Secretary

P.O. Box 7921

Madison, WI 53707-7921


Please note that we are commenting on the January 25th Agenda Item 9B: We are asking the Natural Resources board to approve the Blue Mounds State Park Master Plan Amendment including the snowmobile trail as they had done so unanimously at their January, 2016 meeting.

Remember… this effort is in addition to our iPetition of support (which will also be presented to the NR Board).  However, it is also critical that we also get as many comments as we can get in to Laurie’s office before the 13th as possible!


Thanks to all!