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We have our first substantial snow fall of the new season. We may start running some groomers in limited areas very snow to begin packing the light and fluffy snow we have received. Many areas are not yet ready to open, due to cattle in fields and pastures, signs not yet all up, wet areas not yet frozen and other possible issues. All trails will remain closed until further notice. Just because you see the groomer running does not mean the trails are open. Some club members may be out on their snowmobiles checking trails or opening gates and fences, do not assume they are open! Please stay off so we do not lose the privilege of riding on our very gracious landowners properties!

All trails remain open. Trail conditions will vary throughout the county. Some areas will have very good snow cover and other areas are expected to deteriorate fast. Please stay on the trails and ride between the markers. Snow cover on The LaCrosse River State Trail from West Salem to Rockland is getting thin in spots. Snow cover in other areas of the county may be thin as well. Just because there may be snow outside the markers doesn’t mean that we or you have permission to ride there. Overall conditions should be considered fair to poor. Please use your best judgement if you decide to ride.

Please note the closed trails mentioned below and their location on the map.  Most trails in LaCrosse County will open Friday morning Jan. 1st. Thank you for being patient. Please ride with caution and watch for soft or wet areas as we have very little frost under the snow.

Two sections will remain closed until further notice. The club trail from Fox Hollow Golf Coarse in Barre Mills to Charlies Inn on Hwy 14 and Trail #26 From Black Oak Grill and Saloon to the Black River at HWY VV will remain closed. Please watch for updates as we hope to open these sections soon.

LCSA 12-31-15

Trail Update: (12/31/15 8:30 am)

All trails in La Crosse county remain CLOSED at this time. Groomers have been out trying to pack the snow to create a good base. We will have mud and some wet spots in some areas.

We hope to open most trails on Friday morning Jan. 1st. As a reminder riding on closed trails is considered trespassing. Please be patient! We will make another announcement later today regarding the exact trails that will open.

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Couple pictures of the trail from this pass Saturday after all the rain and minimal snow from the snowstorm.

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