The Onalaska Coulee Sno-Drifters meet the first Thursday of the month at the Onalaska American Legion (Google map) at 7 p.m.  The club hosts a chili feed and swap meet in October at the Legion grounds and an annual charity ride in February with 2Brothers Powersports.  Check out the events page for more information.

The city of Onalaska is the largest city on the trail system for La Crosse County and is the meeting point for the Great River trail and the La Crosse river trail. Being the second largest city in the county Onalaska has plenty to offer for the snowmobiler. With several motels, restaurants and fuel stops all within feet of the trail, the city also has powersport repair facilities either directly located on the trail or close by. Please be aware though of the trail closure restrictions as the trail is locked and gated from 10:30 p.m. to 7 a.m  if trying to get through the city between those hours you will need to ride to Bangor or Holmen to get around. 

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Corridor trails 29 and 31 run merged along the bike trails through Onalaska east along the La Crosse river bike trail towards West Salem and north along the Great River bike trail towards Holmen and Trempealeau from Onalaska. The Great River trail runs along Lake Onalaska and offers some great viewing of the lake. Be aware though that this trail is very popular with locals and you will need to go slow when near pedestrians.