La Crosse County Alliance only has one fund raiser.  All six clubs work together to sell 2000, $10 calendars each year.

We  promote our sponsors on our calendar and some even add coupons for discounts when you enter their establishment.   We want to thank everyone who helps as a sponsor or who buys our calendars.

We draw the calendar winners at six different Alliance meeting throughout  the year.  The dates are marked in the calendar. We draw a winner for everyday of the year. Sundays are worth $50, Monday –  Saturday is worth $20, and 13 holidays that are listed in the calendar also are worth $100 each.


Check out our monthly winners, the first drawing is February 17th, 2015, the last drawing is November 17th 2015.


All profits from our calendar sales goes right back into our grooming equipment account.  We have paid off our current tractor loan this past January 2015  thanks to your buying of the calendars, and have now purchased land and a building to store our equipment due to your purchase of the calendars.

Past Years Calendar Raffle Archives:

In this section find links to the last 2 years of the calendar raffle winners.

2016 Calendar Raffle

2015 Calendar Raffle

2014 Calendar Raffle