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The winners for May and June have now been posted. They can be found at the following links:

May Calendar Winner

June Calendar Winner

The winners for the January and February calendar raffles have been posted to their pages. Did some changes this year so you will be hopefully seeing a new style.

January Calendar Page

February Calendar Page

The winners for November and December have been posted! Check them out up under the raffle link.

Clubs are in full throttle marking and brushing trails in preparation for snow and the season starting, make sure you allow time with the new system to get your trail pass. Also, consider helping out the system by finding a club to help do trail work.


The winners list for September and October have now been published. And don’t forget to find your club member to purchase the calendar for next year!



The winners for July and August have now been posted! Check them out and see if you are on the list. Clubs are starting to gear up with meetings again and planning for the coming season! Join a club and don’t forget to get your sleds registered with the new system!

July Winners link
August Winners