Staying on the Groomer's Good Side

Originally seen on Three Lakes Trail's Facebook page, here are some tips that can make life a little easier for those who keep the trails in tip-top shape for us.

1. Headlights -- when approaching a groomer from the front or back at night, please turn down your lights!
2. Passing a Groomer -- Wait for the groomer to stop or give you a sign to pass. Make sure the groomer sees you.
3. Following a Groomer -- Keep a distance when coming up on a groomer, don't ride right up to the drag with your skis almost touching it. You don't know when we're going to stop.
4. Meeting a Groomer on the Trail -- When you pass a groomer that has just laid a fresh new trail, try not to run on it right away. Keep as far to the right as possible, in fact you should always keep right and not ride the center of the trail.
5. Don't Dog the Groomers -- When you are riding and you see the groomer grooming the local trails around your town, don't follow the groomer around.
6. Riding on the Edge -- Please, don't do this. Do not ride the edge of the trail. Some will ride the very edge for fun. They ride their aftski on the trail and the other half of the sled in the powder packing the edge. Doing this makes the groomer operators lose their reference marker. When there's fresh snow and the trail is covered we need these to keep the groomer on the trail.
7. Power Take Offs - Don't do power take offs. Why do people still do this? The worst are the small bumps left at the edge of the trail. When grooming fresh snow they're hidden under the snow and frozen solid. You hit one with the groomer track and it's like hitting a rock.
8. Stopped Groomer on the Trail -- If you see a groomer stopped on the trail slow down and use caution. You might not see us as we could be clearing snow off the machine, cutting a tree or removing a rock and you could hit us. If you see a groomer with its hood open or tools out, stop and ask if we need help.
9. Be Nice to the Groomer Operator -- Don't get ticked off at us. We know you're there, wait until we find a good safe spot for you to pass.
10. The Curves -- When entering a curve try not to turn it wide open. Slow down coming into a curve, coast into it and gradually pick up speed again.
11. Keep to your side -- Stop riding in the center of the trail, it creates a depression and it's hard to cut with the drag. Stay to the right like you are supposed to and everyone will be happy.
12. Broken down Snowmobiles -- If you break down on the trail and you have to leave your sled there, please move it off the trail. This is good for two reasons: One, it will be safer and avoids other riders driving into it causing an accident; two, when we're out grooming and arrive at a sled on the trial we can't pass so we have to move it.