Trail Pass Information

For Current AWSC Club Members:

Snowmobiles registered in WI, can get their $10.00 discounted trail pass by:

  • your AWSC member number
  • the trail pass order form which can be found by clicking here if you sending it in with a check
  • the WI registration numbers (Example: SN 4300 AB) for your sleds
  • Ordering online through the AWSC website ( with a credit/debit card (MasterCard, Visa or Discover).
  • Calling the AWSC Office during business hours to order your WI Trail Pass with a credit/debit card.
  • Walking into the AWSC office door during business hours and order with check or credit/debit card.
  • Mailing in your check or credit card information to the AWSC office.

For Non-Club/AWSC Members:

The Wisconsin Trail Pass is $30.00 for owners of snowmobiles registered in Wisconsin who are not members of a snowmobile club and the Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs (AWSC).

Trail passes are available via:

Join-NowHow do I find a club to join?

Click to this page County Clubs and select a club near you and then find the contact person listed under Looking to join. Or go to the AWSC page here: Club Listings and select the county you prefer.

Wisconsin-Snowmobile-Trail-PassFor Non-Residents:

Non-resident trail pass fee increases from $35 per year to $50 per year. There is no discounted option for non-resident trail passes.

This pass may be ordered online or purchased at any DNR license sales agent (where hunting and fishing licenses are sold). Trail passes will be delivered by U.S. Mail.

Note: Non-residents may purchase a discounted trail pass if their snowmobile is registered in Wisconsin and they belong to a snowmobile club and the AWSC.


Do I have to join a club?

No – It will be your choice to join one of the nearly 600 AWSC snowmobile clubs statewide. Please remember that without the clubs and volunteers there would be NO TRAILS! It is the club volunteers that provide and maintain the WI Snowmobile Trail System.

Where do the funds from the WI Trail Pass go?

The revenue generated from the sale of snowmobile registrations and WI Trail Passes will go into the state snowmobile program’s segregated fund.

Do I still have to register my snowmobile with the State of WI?

  • Yes – $30/3 year registration. The registration process will not change.
  • Registrations last for 3 years; trail passes are annual and need to be purchased each year.
  • All snowmobiles operating in Wisconsin will be required to display a Wisconsin Trail Pass to operate on trails and corridors. The pass will be 3”x 3” and required to be placed on the lower center of the windshield. If there is no windshield, the sticker shall be displayed in a highly visible location on the front of the cowling of the snowmobile. Once affixed, the sticker may not be removed or transferred to another snowmobile.

My snowmobile is 30 years (or older.) Do I still need a Trail Pass?

The new law provides a free annual (yearly) WI Trail Pass for snowmobiles 30 years and older. However, snowmobiles still need to be registered. Note: Change in registration fee $30/3 year registration.

If I don’t live in WI can I still register my snowmobile(s) in WI?

Yes – If you reside in another State you can still register your snowmobiles in WI. provided your state allows it. If you chose to belong to one of the nearly 600 AWSC snowmobile clubs statewide and are up to date with membership dues and the club has paid your AWSC dues, the cost of the WI Trail Pass will be $10. If you do not belong to an AWSC club in WI your Trail Pass will cost $30. Otherwise you will have to purchase the Out of State Trail Pass for $50 if your snowmobile is registered in another state.

What if I own more than one snowmobile, will I be able to purchase more than one WI Trail Pass?

Yes – If you own more than one snowmobile you will be able to purchase a WI Trail Pass for each one of your snowmobiles.

Will I receive my trail pass immediately? Can I register online and ride right away without my trail pass?

All trail pass stickers will be sent out by mail. Legislation is being introduced that will allow for operating a snowmobile with a printed receipt until the stickers are received in the mail.