All calendar raffle drawings will be held at the La Crosse County Snowmobile Alliance building, Hwy U Bangor, at W889 County Road U, Bangor WI.

La Crosse County Alliance only has one fund raiser. All six clubs work together to sell no more than 2000, $10 calendars each year.

We promote our sponsors on our calendar and encourage you to visit their establishments. We want to thank everyone who helps as a sponsor or who buys our calendars.

We draw the calendar winners at six different Alliance meetings throughout the year. The dates are marked on the calendar as per state law. Each month is it's own drawing with one $100 winner, four $50 winners and the rest of the month $20 winners. All winners are returned to the barrel to possibly win again. The yearly pay out is over $9600. Thank you for supporting our sport.

All profits from our calendar sales goes toward improving and maintaining our grooming equipment. Thanks to your buying and selling of the calendars, we have purchased land and a building to store our equipment . We are also upgrading our groomers and drags as needed. We always want to remember to thank our land owners for access to trails that make winter so much more fun.

Thank you 

United we trail, divided we fail

2024 Raffle Winners

This year we sponsored a one time raffle instead of a calendar raffle so this is a list of the winners for the year. We drew 50 One hundred dollar winners and 50 fifty dollar winners.

Congratulations to our winners and hope you continue your support to the La Crosse County Alliance raffle for 2025.

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