St. Joe’s Ridge Runners



Corridors 29 and 31 trails together from West Salem to just outside St. Joe’s where they split and run to Vernon county separately. Corridor 31 runs from St. Joe’s to down to midway between Chaseburg and Coon Valley where it connects to other trails in the Vernon county trail system. One trail that branches off of corridor 31 runs along highway 61 and will allow you to make a loop back to Barre Mills where you will meet up with 29/31 and bring you back up to St. Joe’s. Another trail branch is just over the county line in Vernon county along highway 61 and runs to Stoddard.

Corridor 29 runs from the split near St. Joe’s over to Newburg Corners where it follows along the scenic Coon creek towards Coon Valley. In Newburg Corners corridor 29 meets up with a trail that crosses highway 33 and goes down into the valley where that trail intersects with a trail that follows to the north of highway 33 from county M below St. Joe’s. This trail runs east to the Monroe county line passing through Middle Ridge and continuing on to Cashton.