Just a reminder that just because we have snow that the trails are NOT  open until Mid December. This is due to the hunting season along with the clubs that manage the trails need to finish signing and do trail work. Please do not ride on open fields or ditches as this is trespassing and gives us snowmobilers a bad look to landowners. Please respect the landowners and be patient. 

And if you want to learn how to join a club or help out with trailwork please contact us here and we will point you in the right direction.

Closed Trails

Trail Condition Hotline: 608-782-4500.
We are also on Facebook: LaCrosse County Snowmobile Trails and Clubs

Just a quick note for everyone to point out that now all the clubs in the county have a page on here with basic content about them. If you see something that needs to be updated, tweaked, added to anything on here please be sure to send along feedback. Our goal is to make this page friendly not only for the locals but people that are visiting our county trail system.

In the future we hope to update the Google Maps along with giving intersection views. Another thing we would like to have is some video content along with more photos, so if you have some media of that type from the county trail system and would like to share it we could use it!


Thanks and please let us know what you think either via the contact page or on Facebook.

The trails can reopen! Hope you all are having a good summer and are joining clubs and planning for the snowmobile season already! Lots of grass and water drags going on in the next month so if you need your snowmobile fix that’s a great opportunity to do so!

On Tuesday we drew  the winners for May and June, now the first six months of winners are posted. I will have the checks in the mail soon.  If you find your name on the list and have an address change just let me know at laxsnowmobile@yahoo.com

The next set of winners will not be drawn till August, make sure you summerize your sleds and have a great summer.  As much as I like snow, it is nice to see the sun and warm temps.

The CAP/STEP bill has been passed and signed, expect changes in the way you register your snowmobile in 2015. Please see the following explanation of what the bill contained and some of the changes for you the snowmobiler.

With the Assembly passage of CAP/STEP (AB 407) back on February 21st it’s now up to the Senate to get the job done. The Senate has scheduled CAP/STEP for a 2nd reading tomorrow March 18th. Hopefully, the Senate will pass the Assembly version without adding amendments which would then send it on to the Governor’s desk to be signed.

CAP/STEP, as passed by the Assembly currently includes:

A two-tiered trail pass requirement at an annual cost of $30/non-member and $10/club & AWSC member
Provides a free annual trail pass sticker to be displayed on sleds 30 years and older.
Increases the non-resident trail pass fee from current $35/year to $50/year.
Moves to a $30/3 year registration fee structure.
Includes a 4-year sunset clause which requires evaluation prior to renewal of CAP/STEP