Due to the warm temps and deteriorating trail conditions all trails in LaCrosse County are now closed.
Closed Trails
The LaCrosse County Snowmobile Alliance would like to extend a special thanks to all of our landowners who make our trail system possible! We would also like to thank all of our sponsors, club members who build and maintain the trails, the groomer operators and the people who help maintain and repair the grooming equipment.
Trail Condition Hotline: 608-782-4500.
We are also on Facebook: LaCrosse County Snowmobile Trails and Clubs

On Tuesday we drew  the winners for May and June, now the first six months of winners are posted. I will have the checks in the mail soon.  If you find your name on the list and have an address change just let me know at

The next set of winners will not be drawn till August, make sure you summerize your sleds and have a great summer.  As much as I like snow, it is nice to see the sun and warm temps.

The CAP/STEP bill has been passed and signed, expect changes in the way you register your snowmobile in 2015. Please see the following explanation of what the bill contained and some of the changes for you the snowmobiler.

With the Assembly passage of CAP/STEP (AB 407) back on February 21st it’s now up to the Senate to get the job done. The Senate has scheduled CAP/STEP for a 2nd reading tomorrow March 18th. Hopefully, the Senate will pass the Assembly version without adding amendments which would then send it on to the Governor’s desk to be signed.

CAP/STEP, as passed by the Assembly currently includes:

A two-tiered trail pass requirement at an annual cost of $30/non-member and $10/club & AWSC member
Provides a free annual trail pass sticker to be displayed on sleds 30 years and older.
Increases the non-resident trail pass fee from current $35/year to $50/year.
Moves to a $30/3 year registration fee structure.
Includes a 4-year sunset clause which requires evaluation prior to renewal of CAP/STEP


La Crosse County snowmobile trails are open . Watch for ice on hillsides and in corners. There may also be water or slush under the snow in some areas and drifts in other areas. Be aware there are reports of larger stretches of ice on area trails that have been causing issues with people riding, please ride carefully and be alert to changes in the trail.

Open Trails

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Couple pictures of the trail from this pass Saturday after all the rain and minimal snow from the snowstorm.

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