The calendar winners for July, August (sorry about the delay got the email while on vacation and forgot) September and October have now been published! Congratulations to all the winners!

1.8.10 groomer

The winners for May and June have now been posted. They can be found at the following links:

May Calendar Winner

June Calendar Winner

The calendar winners for March and April 2016 have been posted to their respective pages. Congratulations winners and thank you to everyone who has purchased a calendar!


The winners for the January and February calendar raffles have been posted to their pages. Did some changes this year so you will be hopefully seeing a new style.

January Calendar Page

February Calendar Page

DX1 More Galleries

On Friday February 19th approximately 10 am the ASV DX that is used primarily on the south end of the county to groom the St. Joe’s ridge trails caught fire while parked. The block heater was not plugged in, nor was the unit running. This fire destroyed the unit and did some minor damage to the building that it was parked next to, thankfully the only loss of property was to the equipment on the groomer. West Salem and Bangor fire departments responded and prevented any further damage. We are now currently evaluating what our next move will be after we consult with the insurance companies.


DX Fire


DX Fire Picture two