Mon. Feb 6
Due to the forecasted warm temperatures and poor snow cover all trails will close at noon today.

Fri. Feb.3 2017
Most trails will open at noon today. Here is a list of trails that remain closed. Corridor 26 from Midway to Stevenstown, the Bluebird trail from Hwy F to Fox Hollow Golf Course  Trail conditions vary throughout the county. Hill tops and wooded areas will have good snow cover while valleys and open fields will not. If you are riding on a field where snow cover is thin please slow down and don’t damage the property. Also please stay on the marked trails and ride between the markers. Also watch for water over the trail between Stevenstown and North Bend.
 Please check back for updates.

All trails in LaCrosse County remain CLOSED at this time. We are currently receiving much needed new snow. However any trail openings will be determined on how much snow we do actually get and how many low areas have standing water and icy hills. We will evaluate these conditions and ask for your patience as we do this. If the trails are not officially open, please respect our wishes and our land owners and stay off the trails. We are and will do the best we can to open if and when it is possible! With the past warm weather and melting snow, we are again starting all over, and in some case with all the new standing water, worse off than when we started. Thank you for being patient.

The Onalaska snowmobile club will be having their annual charity ride again on Feb, 4th at 2 Brothers Powersports. Please contact an Onalaska club member for more details.


All trails in the county are now open.

. Trail conditions should be considered poor at this time. Please watch for branches, ice and possibly standing water on the trails.

For further information please call our trail condition hotline 608-782-4500.